D.A. Dodia

Dr. D.A. Dodia, presently working as Research Scientist (Entomology), born on 12th November 1957 in the village of Koth, District Ahmedabad (Gujarat). He received his B.Sc. (Agri.), M. Sc. (Agri.) and Ph.D. Degrees from the erstwhile Gujarat Agricultural University, Campus Anand. He has been associated with Pulses Research Project since fifteen years. He has developed several pest management modules in pulse crops viz., pigeonpea, chickpea, mung bean and cowpea. He is recipient of prestigious research awards viz., GPFA and Chemet Chemicals Award, sponsored by Gujarat Pesticide Formulators Association and Chemet Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. for outstanding research contribution in establishment of IPM module in chickpea. His fundamental work on host plant resistance in pigeonpea with special emphasis on bio-chemical bases of resistance is base for developing resistant genotypes against pod borers in pigeonpea He has published 46 research papers in various national and international journals. He is in the panel of experts in Journal of Arid Legumes, published by Society of Arid legumes, CAZRI, Jodhpur.

Immature Insects

D.A. Dodia
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