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Scientific Publishers offers latest collection of more than 1000 titles in e-Books dealing in the field of Science & Technology. We are providing the options for single title as well as subject collections of e-books. To search and browse e-Books, please e-mail us.  

Scientific Publishers is an e-book platform for hosting and providing access to e-books of Science & Technology subjects. It is aggregation of secured and searchable database. We offer flexible packages for university libraries and institutions as well as individual e-book purchase option available through our third party partners: Google Play

Subscription offer will be provided to the clients after receiving the requirements as per the selection and recommendation. For an institutional demo, please e-mail us. 


Our journals are now available for access web based e-resource for your digital library with full text articles and online access. Once you have completed your subscription, you will entitle to receive full technical support and assistance to access the e-Journals. Please get in touch, if you would like more information in this regard please e-mail us. 

Book Publishing

Scientific Publishers publish high quality Text Books, Reference Books and Competitive Examination Preparation Books in scientific, technical, and medical books, journals, and electronic products for academic and professional sectors. Our specific fields of interest are Agriculture, Ayurveda, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Desert and Arid Ecology, Earth Science,Economics, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Food Sciences, Forestry, General and Reference, Library Sciences, Management, Mathematics and Statistics, Medical Sciences and Nursing, Pharmacy, Plant Physiology, Taxonomy and Medicinal Plants. If you are interested in publishing a work in these disciplines then please click Publish with us.

Authors/Editor can expect a quick response from us to discuss submitted book proposal. If we accept your book proposal, you can expect an agreement with competitive royalty rates, advice on how to proceed and other relevant feedback accordingly.

Scientific Publishers would start publicity and an effective marketing through various channels in the early development stage of your work. Our marketing team actively works in promotional plans such as distribution of our catalogues, newsletter(s), free distribution of desk copies to academicians, arrange of book(s) display, participate in book fairs and conferences.  Authors/Editors will receive as much support as possible throughout the entire publishing process. Product quality is our first criteria therefore a high-quality production effort, and publication schedule will be maintained.

Author/Editor Discount

Authors/Editors who publish their books with Scientific Publishers are entitled to a 30% discount off list price on all Scientific Publishers books in order to value their contribution to our business. This offer is exclusive to Scientific Publishers Authors/Editors and book must be for their personal use only.

Understandably, this exclusive offer is subject to books available in stock and may not be of use retrospectively. By all means, Scientific Publishers reserves the right to change the terms of this offer at any time as appropriate. 

Journal Publishing

Scientific Publishers is interested in acquisitions of new journals or takeover established journal in the fields of scientific and technical interests. If you are interest in starting a new journal of any fields of science, engineering, and medicine then please download and email your Journal Proposal Form or please Contact Us.

Submission of Article(s)

Choose the Journals where you wish to submit your article and select the option to submit article.

Review of Article: For review of article, please follow the link Review Process


Exclusive Offer for Students  Scientific Publishers is devoted to helping the students during their academic and professional careers. We provide essentials study materials to students for their success, from carrier textbooks, competitive examinations books and other supplemental guidebooks. Our books also cover the ICAR syllabus and helping to ensure that students are fully prepared for intellectual and certified success.

In this decade, we have stepped in the field of books on competitive examinations to focus on student’s satisfactions and we have received wide gamut of appreciation from them.

We distribute Free book(s) to students appearing for ICAR-ARS/NET, JRF, SRF, IAS, IFS, PCS, SET, CSIR/UGC/NET, UPSC-CS, FCI & Ph.D. competitive examinations related books to the deserving and outstanding students, who have secured 1st and 2nd rank in the merit of UG and PG examinations.

Please contact us, if you would more information in this regard.                      


“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library”

Library is a first step to influential information and useful assets. Librarians are an integral part of the academic community. Scientific Publishers support and collaborates the librarians and offered to them most dominant & beneficial apparatus across all their related topics including basic & applied sciences. We are always welcoming the libraries to share their inclusive suggestions, ideas, invitations of book(s) display, free demos of e-Books, distribution of display copy, feedback and, prospect to act as a team with us.

Scientific Publishers believe in that the key thing that combines academic librarians and publishers is that we all serve science. We are always getting pleasure from giving our presentations to libraries as sharing our best efforts as well as learn something more in the process.

It would be great inspiration for us to work together, librarians and publishers provide quality information which improves the quality of life.

We cordially invite the librarians to browse the following quick links:

Journal Subscription


Scientific Publishers maintains a global network of booksellers, distributors and library suppliers to reach our worldwide customers. We welcome new strategic partnerships and will work together with you to further deliver the highest level of service to our customers. To find out how you can open a new account with us, please download Credit Opening Form and email us.

Product Information:

Listings of Scientific Publishers book titles as well as journals are available for download in Microsoft Excel format. Book titles are updated monthly when the newly published titles are confirmed and our price list is updated yearly. Additionally, all our main subject and specialized subject catalogues are available for download in PDF format also. Comprehensive product information for our books and journals can be found online respectively at:


To receive monthly alerts of newly published titles together with production information in Microsoft Excel and Word format, together with jacket covers, please contact us

Publisher Support:

Scientific Publishers offers discounts to booksellers depending upon the quantity purchased, type of booksellers, type of purchases, types of books, promotion and listing of Scientific Publishers products, etc. Specifically, Scientific Publishers encourage and grants discount to those booksellers who aggressively promote our products to their customers by various channels such as sending printed brochures, listing our products on their websites, sending email alerts, through sales force, etc. For more information, please contact us.

Placing Order:

If you are a bookseller and would like to place an order with Scientific Publishers, please feel free to contact us.

Subscription Agents

Scientific Publishers works as for content sourcing and dissemination of information between libraries and publishers to ensure that the often-complex process of acquiring and managing journals as smoothly as possible. We are proud to handle the various associations for managing and processing of all types of Indian/ Foreign journals as per your demands.

We determine to provide:

    Procurement and Processing of all orders

    Supply by Registered Post/Courier, by fastest means

    Provide free online access (for those journal which provide such facilities)

    FOR to your library at NO extra cost

    Good Office Committee (GOC) rates applied for conversion rates (within India)

    Maintain records of receipt and dispatch at all levels

    On demand refund is made proportionately for the cost of missing issues


Scientific Publishers can be your exclusive subscriptions agent operating for Indian subcontinent. For India and neighboring countries, we assure higher levels of service standards to all our stakeholders. For libraries, we offer reliable and affordable subscriptions services.

In order to stay at pace with changing scenarios our company has decided on exploring the possibilities for working as an International Subscription Agency.

Order and Inquiry

If you are a subscription agent and would like to place an order or inquiry with Scientific Publishers, please feel free to contact us.

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Academicians and Teachers

Scientific Publishers are a prominent publisher of books and journals in the field of science and technology. The vast heritage of academia and research has been with us since last four decades. Our proficiency is in providing high quality education, research information and reference text for researcher, doctorate fellows and students educational material in the form of books and Journals.

Whether you are looking for worthwhile books, or subscribing our journals, we make it easy for you to find and adopt the resources to match your need. To the correct content, please browse the following links:


Request For Evaluation Copy(s):

Scientific Publishers happy to provide the complimentary copies of textbooks and supplements to teaching faculties for their personal use and students recommendation.  We shall be happy to receive your request, please download the form Evaluation Copy and please contact us.

Special: If in case, you have either a new book concept or a ready manuscript for publication, please go through publish with us.

Scientific Book Newsletter (SBN)


Scientific Book Newsletter (SBN) is a monthly periodical that will feature science articles by academicians round the globe, in simple and lucid English. Through these articles, SBN publish concise, educative and informative details pertaining to contemporary science.


Submission Details

Theme: Education and Research

Publication Charges: No charges

Submission details: Article not exceeding 1000 words. Title, Author Name, affiliation, recent photograph along with complete article.


It also feature highlights from our collection of latest publications, ranging from key teaching texts, essential reference works, written and edited by the best scholars and instructors.


Subjects covered: Agriculture, Life Science & Ayurveda


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