I.C. Gupta

Dr. I.C. Gupta (b. 1941), was awarded Ph.D. on a subject thesis of environmental soil science by CAZRI/University of Jodhpur in 1968. He worked at Central Soil Salinity Research Institute from 1970 to 1986 (Principal Scientist). Dr. I.C. Gupta served Central Arid Zone Research Institute from 1986 to 2001 where he worked as Head of Regional Research Station, Bikaner and Head, Division of Natural Resources and Environment. A Fellow of Indian Water Works Association, United Writers Association of India & Indian Society of Salinity Research Scientists, Dr. Gupta was elected Vice-Chairman of Arid Zone Research Association of India. He has been working as Secretary of Indian Society of Salinity Research Scientists & Chief Editor Current Agriculture since 1977. Dr. Gupta had been conferred several awards notable being Glaxo Scientific Honours Club, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Puraskar, First Prize, Outstanding Book Award by ISAE, Dr. Gorakh Prasad Puraskar First Prize, S.P. Unvala Memorial Prize by IWWA and Life Achievement Award by IARS. He was nominated as member of the ‘Environment Conservation Council of Rajasthan’ and of ‘Special Committee on Environment Impacts’ of INCID, Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India. He has about 250 publications including 30 books and two inventions (Jaltripti and Jalshuddhi). Dr. Gupta was appointed Ph.D. examiner by ten universities. He was also nominated for one of the most hundred INTRIGUING PEOPLE of 2003 by American Biographical  Institute, North Carolina, USA, after close scrutiny of biographical archives of over one million individuals.

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