R.K. Purohit

Purohit, R.K. (b. Dec. 1949) Graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1973 & M.E. (Mechanical Engineering) in 1978. He had served the Rajasthan Roadways as a Engineering prior to joining of the teaching profession at M.B.M. Engineering College, J.N.V. University, Jodhpur in 1976. He is a life member of TSI, a member of IASH, member of ASAE, ASME, ASCE and Combustion Engineering. He has guided 51 seminars and 58 Dissertations at post graduate level. At least 27 papers have been published in different National and International Journals. He has authored 8 books namely: Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics (1996), Gas Dynamics (1997), Mechanical Engineering (2001), Fluid Power Engineering (2002), Material Science and Processes (2005), Hydraulic Machines (2007), Thermal Engineering 2nd Ed. (2008) and Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines with co-author Dr. M.L. Mathur, Ex. Vice-Chancellor, J.N.V. University (1982).

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