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Agri Business A Managerial Perspective


Agri Business A Managerial Perspective

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Recent Years have seen a growing interest and debate regarding the significance of research, service, and teaching in agribusiness, particularly as agricultural producers face financial stress and changing attitudes toward production efficiency. Globalization and technology have ushered in shifts in the agribusiness sector, pushing for increased production to meet the demands of a growing and wealthier population. While technology has been a part of agriculture for centuries, the agribusiness sector has historically used rudimentary tools, though advancements have allowed it to keep up with food production demands. Agricultural researchers are now tasked with focusing on the agricultural business economy, organizational structures in the supply chain, and sustainable development. This Requires new research approaches and tools. The proposed book outlines a method for assessing alignment among stakeholders in complex system transitions, offering valuable insights into future trends and potential areas of conflict.

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