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Bane of Pesticides In India


Bane of Pesticides In India

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In this book, large number of shortcomings on the way we have managed our pesticide scenario in our country are discussed in this book, including the alternatives to synthetic pesticides. The book aims to address the pesticide issues in India incomprehensive way integrating agricultural, environmental, medical, legislative, and administrative perspectives of pesticides. Since pest management will be necessarily an inseparable part of agriculture, managing the pests by number of alternative methods with minimum reliance on synthetic pesticides after taking all necessary precautions – is also discussed in detail.

This detailed reference book is divided into sections like basic issues of pesticides, impact of pesticide use, regulatory mechanism and its failure, issues related to pesticide sales and use in India, public awareness about safety, health and pollution, alternatives for chemical pest control and general issues about pesticides. An attempt is made to cover academic, administrative and general aspects of using pesticides and problems caused by them. Ideally the book is not only useful to postgraduate students and faculties in agriculture, but also  will be interesting reading material to all the members of the society, who are concerned about dangerous effects of using pesticides  on human/ animal health and environment. Instead of focussing on problems and dangers of using pesticides, the book aims to find the solutions to address the pesticide related issues in holistic manner.

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