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Colour Atlas of Medicinal Plants : Vol 2


Colour Atlas of Medicinal Plants : Vol 2

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Proper identification of medicinal plants is still a great problem at this time.  It has also drawn the attention from common men in general and scholars in the medical streams. In the light of the above, the curiosity about the sources of the medicines, medicinal plants in most of the cases, has drawn considerable interest among all quarters of the medical science. In addition, in the absence of proper knowledge related to the identification of medicinal plants, many plants remained either unidentified or wrongly identified. In this book, an attempt is made to fill the above identified gaps. It is my firm belief that this book will be of immense use to Ayurveda experts, teachers, students of post-graduates and under-graduates Ayurvedic courses, researchers, students of botany, scientists, pharmacologists, pharmaceutical organizations, pharmacists, biochemists, medical men and even common men.

Salient features of the book

1.  The latest and updated botanical names are given in this book.

2.  Complete botanical identification with plant, bark, root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit and seed with full morphological features, which would be helpful in tentative identification of the plant in the field.

3. Photos of all plants in natural habitat, are also given. All photos are original, with quality, distinguishable and taken by author at various places of India.

4. At last, a composite list of Ayurvedic/Hindi names is given for readers' convenience.

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