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Concise Concepts of Nanoscience and Nanomaterials


Concise Concepts of Nanoscience and Nanomaterials

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This book provides a basic understanding of the emerging multidisciplinary area of nanoscience and nanomaterials being offered as core subjects both in basic sciences and engineering disciplines at graduate and postgraduate levels. The subject matter of the book is designed to generate a clear understanding on various aspects of nanoscience from fundamentals to technological applications along with the exhaustive account of nanomaterials classified in a very appropriate manner. Book includes a balanced view on the physics to understand the origin of unique properties of nanomaterials and well tested synthetic techniques including simple chemical and physical routes illustrated with examples. Special emphasis is given on the characterization techniques for nanomaterials in terms of spectroscopy, scattering phenomena and microscopy including their principle, methodology and data interpretation illustrated with examples. I order to drive on the significance of nanoscience and nanomaterials; impact of nanotechnology in diverse area such as health care, environment protection, agriculture, energy, security has been dealt separately. The historical perspective as well existence of nanomaterials in nature both in living and nonliving species has also been discussed in the beginning. It is hoped that the book will prove to be student centric at all levels, from different disciplines to understand the revolutionary as well as evolutionary field of nanoscience. Further, book will also be a valuable resource for professionals, researchers and others interested to gain understanding of the principles of nanoscience and benefits of nanomaterials in developing newer technology

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