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Corporate Social Responsibility: Critiques, Policies and Strategies (Vol. 1)


Corporate Social Responsibility: Critiques, Policies and Strategies (Vol. 1)

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Corporate Social Responsibility as an analytical tool can be used in the field of Business Management to facilitate different business practices from both an ethical angle and a utilitarian perspective. Business managers should try to entrench networks of trust, loyalty and cooperation within and without their organizations. This also makes good business sense in terms of rational choice theory. Good business is also about establishing customer-friendly images in a manner that highlights values such as reliability, trustworthiness, quality, economy and durability. These values evolve over time and are underpinned by a sustained relationship of confidence. So specific products more often than not become identified with brand names either for niche or for broadbased markets. Brand equity and positioning so generally depend upon the successful merchandizing of products and their images. The problematique of this edited anthology is structured around the polemic of civil societal institutions (networks and embeddedness) and democratic governance (inclusive growth and participatory development) among other critical areas of social scientific research. This line of theoretical research is expected to contribute new knowledge and facilitate innovative research to better understand the interactions and interplay between actors and their institutions. This anthology would benefit corporate managers, business leaders, management researchers / students, social scientists and the general reader.

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