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Desertification Monitoring and Control


Desertification Monitoring and Control

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Desertification is the process of environmental degradation arising from the fragility of dryland ecosystem. Under excessive human exploitation stability and resilience of desert environment are deeply damaged. It slackens and sometimes disrupts the natural process of recovery in major ecounits bringing it to the point of disaster. At this stage it becomes imperative to heal the ecological wounds of the susceptive region by identifying and eventually controlling the factors responsible for such depletion. The present volume is an exploration into the universal problem of drylands. It synthesises the theoretical and regional frames of the question of desertification in the indian drylands with indepth analysis of its monitoring, conservation and management. The authors are professionals in the field deeply involved in the fundamental and applied aspects of research in desert development. The target group of user are the scientists, administrators and managers working in the field of geographical analysis, ecology, resource development, environmental policy, desert planning, and formulators of the comprehensive designs for national parks, protected areas and survival of species. 

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