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Disease Problems in Vegetable Production


Disease Problems in Vegetable Production

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Vegetables are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and the much needed roughage in our daily diet. These are of primary importance for an adequate and balanced human diet and contribute significantly to regional and national economy. However, the cultivation of these crops is often affected by the ravages of pests and diseases, thereby, lowering their yield potential. Diseases also cause subsequent post-harvest transit and storage losses. In the past few decades, dramatic advancements have been made in understanding the nature of vegetable diseases through in-depth investigations in host-pathogen interactions, development of molecular diagnostic tools and integration of new concepts, principals and approaches for their effective management. Indiscriminate use of chemicals for the management of vegetable diseases has led to an increase in environmental pollution and development of resistant strains of the pathogens. In the recent years, several advances have been made in eco-friendly technologies for integrated management of vegetable diseases. The book on, Disease Problems in Vegetable Production gives a comprehensive over-view of economic importance, symptomatology, etiology, epidemiology and management of important diseases of vegetable crops caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, virus like organisms, mycoplasmas and nematodes. The integration of more than one management practices including genetic resistance, cultural, biological and chemical methods has been suggested to make their use more effective, economical and eco-friendly. A total of 17 chapters dealing with important diseases of vegetables like potato, tomato, crucifers, cucurbits, pea, French beans, chillies, onion, garlic, egg plant, carrot, sugarbeet, colocasia, okra and leafy vegetables have been compiled in this book. The book also includes chapters on common pathogens of vegetable crops, disease problems in nurseries, post-harvest diseases and disease problems caused by nematodes. Each chapter contains disease cycles of important diseases that will help in better understanding of the perpetuation and spread of the disease causing pathogens. Coloured photographs of disease symptoms have been included for easy identification of different diseases. The book will serve as a useful guide for students, scientists, extension workers and others associated with the discipline of vegetable pathology.

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