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Drought Management and Socio-Economic Development


Drought Management and Socio-Economic Development

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The present book is most gigantic in view of widespread area of the country with most adverse condition due to recurrence of drought. Severity of drought is converted in to famine when it is combination of agricultural drought, hydrological and meteorological drought. There becomes acute shortage of food grain, fodder and drinking water in the affected regions. Droughts affect the agriculture production to severe extent, create problem of food grain, fodder and water to the critical level of survival. Socio-economic conditions of the people is dwindled as agriculture is their source of livelihood and all expectations of the people depend on the ensuing crop. Drought proofing activities initiated for scaling down the impact of droughts could not yield desired results in view of faulty process of implementation in isolation without associating the people in decision making process. The problems cropping up as impact of drought are increasing continuously. For minimizing the impact of drought, it is necessary to focus the activities on rain water harvesting, plantation activities in 33 percent of area comprising of degraded forests, waste land, barren land and permanent pastures is necessary to treat for existing deficiencies. The occurrence of drought due to rainfall failure would continue but its impact and magnitude would be decreased significantly as people of the affected regions would have sustainable livelihood support from plantation. The socio-economic conditions of the people of the area would change to significant extent.

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