Earth Manual, 3rd Ed.


Earth Manual, 3rd Ed.


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This re-printed Earth Manual, in hand is the results of efforts made to provide such a costly foreign scientific book to the readers at reasonable or at easy cost, as we know that the readers of under-developing countries are not able to purchase costly foreign books although they need urgently for their research work, this is our step-further to facilitate the readers in their re-search works. The Earth Manual represents the joint efforts of many engineers and technicians over period of many years covering the preparation of the tentative edition, its three predecessor publications, and this first formal edition. The present edition (the revised reprint) was prepared by engineers in the Earth Dams Section, and the soil Engineering Branch, Division of Research under the direction of Chief Engineer B.P. Belport and his predecessors. Manual contains standard procedures for investigating and testing Soil materials for engineering design, construction, and operation and maintenance of Water resource structures. Research and development continue to produce improvements in the knowledge of Geo-technical materials and methods in which those materials are evaluated. Therefore, readers benefit from the latest technologies. To up-date the manual, a major change is the addition of referenced documents. It has been provided to readers the best citations to find further information, also referenced other Reclamation documents for more information in the subject areas. Users of Manual should recognised that certain recommendations and values are the results of experience and cannot always be mathematically proved nor should one attempt to. The manual has been written as a guide and aid for the construction of a safe and stable structures with utmost concern for the safety of Lives. We hope, that this manual will stand to document the knowledge gained through the efforts of hundreds of engineers, technicians and inspectors.

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