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Environmental Physiology


Environmental Physiology

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The innovative theme of the book entitled Environmental Physiology is basically molecular physiology of abiotic stress response in plants. This has been especially edited for realistic and rational utilization by planners, scientists, investigators, academicians and postgraduate students. This book is an exceptional assimilation of well-timed, crucial and comprehensive twenty-one worthy reviews of diverse significance contributed by sincere dedication of experienced, laudable and well-known scientists/ stalwarts all over the world. The genuineness that due to incredible harmony with the world scientists of various disciplines developed in the last eight years, over nineteen Indian and twenty-nine foreign intellectuals enthusiastically came forward and associated in this extensive project of pragmatic importance. In fact, this kind of momentous work cannot be accomplished effectively and productively by a single person belonging principally to a specific field of specialization. This is also strongly realized that there is progressively more a need of united effort of experts in the ground-breaking work of precise importance above all in the agricultural sciences, which absolutely depends on environmental situations. The intricacies of abiotic and biotic stresses on growth and development of plants have been understood in the last few decades. This is the right time to apply the knowledge acquired in this direction, out of exhaustive research throughout the globe, in anyhow enhancing yield of crop plants cultivated under a variety of environmental stresses, in general, and extending basic research, in particular, for having more insight in establishing new cultivars under higher intensities of abiotic stresses like drought, high and low temperature, salinity, sodicity, flooding, mineral, oxidative, heavy metals, etc. This book too is an endeavour to make aware the young workers with allied techniques comprising destructive and non-destructive methods for extending relevant research incessantly in the years to come to gain further information of both basic and applied significance for sustainability of agriculture under environmental stresses. The manifold ideas on basic problems of the present and the future as well as resolutions have been consolidated through precious reviews by distinguished personnel of plant sciences in twenty-one chapters. In this enthusiastic and forceful enterprise, the real appreciation is due to all notable and brilliant authors, for bringing up most needed unrivalled, practical, thoughtful and comprehensive reviews of international standard on physiology of plants and their responses under wide-ranging environmental stresses. Hopefully, the wonderful multifaceted reviews selected and compiled very systematically in this exclusive book for the first time by genuine experts and distinguished scientists would enable to plan meaningful advanced research and profuse consequential teaching on the extremely crucial theme of abiotic stress responses in plants. This unique collection must be of enormous help for post-graduate studies and higher research in all disciplines of plant science in every university and research institute of the world.

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