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Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture


Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture

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The land holding of the farmer is decreasing day by day due to urbanization and there is no chance for a horizontal increase in agricultural land, To increase the income of the farmers, a few steps for a vertical increase in agricultural production have been discussed in this book. Detailed and comprehensive information regarding the historical background of farming systems, farming systems, and their components, integrated farming systems and allied enterprises, integrated farming system models in different agro-climatic zones, the role of integrated farming systems in agriculture and livelihood security, resource cycling, and flow of energy in different farming systems, the role of agroforestry in the farming system, scope of organic farming in the farming system have been given. Detailed information regarding the latest concepts of agronomy like conservation agriculture strategies in cropping system sustainable agriculture and the scope of hydroponics techniques in agriculture has also been discussed. In the end tools for determining production and efficiencies in cropping and farming system have also been given. 

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