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Geology of Rajasthan (Northwest India) Precambrian to Recent


Geology of Rajasthan (Northwest India) Precambrian to Recent

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Rajasthan is amongst the very few regions in the world, which have well-preserved records of a continuous geological history from the Middle Archaean to the present day. This across-the-board
volume is based on the critical analyses of the voluminous and the most recent database on the
protracted geological history of the terrain. Considered as the paradise of Indian geology, the region is central to the understanding of geology of the Precambrian Indian Shield and Phanerozoic cover successions. The book is also amongst the most illustrative treatise on the geology of a region published in recent years. It contains 350 figures (including a large number of photographs) of which there are no fewer than 93 geological maps of the key regions. Besides, the book contains the most recently revised large-sized coloured geological map of the State of Rajasthan. The book will help the future earth scientists to identify potential horizons of future research work not only to enhance our knowledge but also to provide clues to finding new mineral deposits in this paradise for geologists.

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