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Irrigation and Weed Management Learning for Beginners


Irrigation and Weed Management Learning for Beginners

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The book on “Irrigation and Weed Management Learning for Beginners” is very simple to understand all the aspects of irrigation water and weed management and dealing all areas of irrigation and weed science such as soil - plant - water relationship, soil moisture constant, soil moisture measurement, irrigation scheduling, different irrigation practices, micro irrigation technologies, irrigation management practices for different field crops, irrigation water quality, irrigation structures, classification of weeds and herbicides, crop weed interactions, principles and methods of weed management and weed management practices for major field crops to meet out the growing interest in successful crop production.

This book will makes the students to manipulate the water and weed management in changing agricultural environment and equip them to transfer required technologies towards farming community. We are sure that the contents of this book will be referred by students and researchers and will be useful especially for the budding scientists of agricultural sciences and plant sciences group.

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