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Laboratory Exercises in Plant Pathology Part I-II (Set)


Laboratory Exercises in Plant Pathology Part I-II (Set)

A.B.A.M. Baudoin

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The exercises in this collection are designed for introductory laboratory courses in general plant pathology at the college level. They are aimed at under-graduate students in Plant Science, Biology, Agronomy, Horticulture, Forestry, as well as Plant Pathology and pest Management and many exercises are suitable for graduate courses as well. However, the focus is on developing an experimental as well as observational approach to principles of plant disease development, diagnosis and control - principles that extend beyond the particular organisms used. The Teacher s manual contains information designed to facilitate use of this kit by instructors and teaching assistants who may not be familiar with a particular plant-pathogen system. Included are additional back-ground information for instructors, sources of materials, list of materials needed, step-wise preparation, procedures, suggested schedules for conducting the exercises (including time required), a discussion of expected results, answer to questions and additional references. The listing of sources of material provided in case material is not available from a local source or regular supplier.

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