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Medicinal Plants of India 1 & 2 (set)


Medicinal Plants of India 1 & 2 (set)

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In recent years interest in medicinal plants has increased considerably world wide. However, it is felt that there seems a very little literature available which addresses to all aspects of medicinal plant species from the point of view of Ayurved, botany, ecology, chemical and medical science. The best of knowledge of the author, there appears hardly any book, which provides readers good quality photographs of medicinal plants with their details from all perspectives. This book presents more than five hundred colour photographs of medicinal plants available in the Indian sub-continent. The book also throws light on more than five thousand tested and applied clinical formulas, which will further add value to the knowledge of the readers. Hence, by bringing out literature pertaining to medicinal plants covering all aspects together, in this book, an attempt is made to cater to the varied needs of readers. This profusely illustrated book will be immensely useful nor only to Ayurvedic students of under-graduates and post-graduates courses but also to the Ayurvedic doctors, academicians, researchers, students of botany, scientists, pharmacologists, pharmaceutical organizations, pharmacists, biochemists, medical men and even common men. This book contains following information - 1. Latest and updated botanical names, synonyms, species, varieties, families, old families and Ayurvedic classical groups. 2. English, Sanskrit, Hindi and Local names. 3. Complete botanical identification with habit, root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit and seed with full morphological features. 4. Habitat or distribution of plants in India. 5. Flowering and fruiting period of plants. 6. Parts used, dosage and collection period of described plants. 7. Ayurvedic classical properties, effect on Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. Grading of effects. 8. Chemical composition of all parts of plants, with action. 9. Action and disease indication of all active parts of plants. 10. Clinical uses of different parts of plants, on different disease. 11. Determination of doubtful classical Ayurvedic plants with botanical names. 12. Findings related to toxicology and therapeutic evaluation. 13. A list of books for further readings, with page numbers of plants and other details. 14. More than five hundred photographs of all plants with quality distinguishable in natural habitat. 15. Classification and plant collection of modern style of action with 75 groups with botanical and Hindi names. 16. Classification of clinical uses according to various diseases with serial number of plants. 17. Index of classical formulations with serial numbers of plant. 18. List of Families of described plants. 19. Index of English names of described plants with serial numbers. 20. Glossary of Botanical words. 21. Glossary of Medical term. 22. Meaning of Ayurvedic and Hindi words, in true sense. 23. Index of Botanical names, synonyms and species, with serial numbers. 24. Resource plant of various gums. 25. Difference between some similar plants. 26. Composite list of Sanskrit, Hindi and Local names. 27. Bibliography 28. Key index of botanical names covered in Volume-1 and Volume-2

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