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Medicinal Plants of India Vol. 1-3 (Set)


Medicinal Plants of India Vol. 1-3 (Set)

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The book deals with 200 plants species of Angiosperms. For the first time here is a detailed explaination of 200 herbs in complete Ayurvedic perspective, aided with their botanical description, chemical constituents, Ayurvedic medicinal properties, clinical usage and also ethno-medicinal usage. The plants selected in the present book are fairly widely used in India for millennia. This book well help in generating a global interest in Ayurveda and medicinal plants in India. The author has done a commendable job to compile the useful information of plants, in addition with excellent coloured photograph, which facilitates its identification. Salient features of this Book are: (1) Species of plants are presented in Alphabetical order of their Botanical names. (2) In dealing with each species, after its Botanical name, all available Synonyms are mentioned. (3) This is followed by names popularly used in English and in other Indian languages with its distribution. (4) To help to identify the plant species, the taxonomic description is given. (5) Available information about the chemical constituents of each species is given. (6) Sanskrit Shlokas from relevent Nighantus describing the Ayurvedic Medicinal properties are first given in Devanagary Script followed by its rendering in Roman Script using Internationally recognized transliteration markings. (7) This is followed by giving its action and uses according to Ayurvedic therapeutics. (8) Information about its use in Ethnomedicinal practice is given, then. This book is helpful for Ethnobotanists, Ayurvedic medical practitioner, students and researchers as well as other reader s interested in the field of Ethno-medicine.

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