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Nanoparticles Applications in Agriculture


Nanoparticles Applications in Agriculture

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The book focuses on the potential of nanotechnology applications in agricultural crops. As nanotechnology applications in agriculture are enormous, the book is collection of information from experts and researchers with an aim to facilitate interdisciplinary tasks for setting new trends for formulating future research programs for agricultural sustainability. It consists of nano chapters and deals With four major issues in agriculture, namely crop production, crop improvement, crop protection and soil sustainability. It also deals with improvement in crop production through nanoscale delivery systems such as encapsulation of agrochemicals (fertilizers and pesticides) by utilizing surface ionic attachments, nanoparticles induced targeted liberation of agrochemicals, that results in passive uptake of active ingredients and in turn reduces the amount of agrochemical application by  minimizing the input and Waste has been discussed. Role of nanoparticles for soil improvement, Water retention and slow release of nutrients through nanoclays and nano-zeolites, nanosensor based soil analysis, Water and nutrient management has been elaborated. Nanosensors application for pathogen and pesticide detection for crop protection, nanoparticles for modern insecticides, pesticides and insect repellents, nanomagnets for deportation of soil contaminants and nanoparticle enabled discharge of genetic material for crop improvement offers stimulating techniques for sustainable agricultural development in the present climate scenario. Role of biogenic inorganic nanomaterials in medicine has also been dealt with.

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