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Pesticide Application Equipment For Use In Agriculture (Vol.2)


Pesticide Application Equipment For Use In Agriculture (Vol.2)

E.W. Thornhill & G.A. Matthews

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This book describes the main types of manually-operated or manually-carried pesticide application equipment. Most of the small-scale farmers in developing countries, who have used pesticides, rely on a lever-operated knapsack sprayer. These sprayers are now manufactured in many of the developing countries, that are introducing modern designs. The details of the design and the types of nozzle needed to treat crops and improve safety for the user are described. Changes in manufacturing techniques are resulting in certain plastics being used instead of brass. The less expensive compression sprayers are also described as these may become more important on the smallest farms. Details of the range of nozzles that can be used with hydraulic sprayers are given so the user can make a better selection of nozzles to apply pesticides more efficiently. Equipment used to apply reduced volumes such as the spinning disc applicators is important, especially in areas where water supplies are difficult to obtain. Fog, granules, dust, and other special applicators are also described. Specifications for the main types of applicators are given to assist those who have to purchase the equipment. The remaining sections provide guidance on the safe application of pesticides and maintenance of the equipment. A glossary of terms is included.

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