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Plant Taxonomy Theory,Principles & Parctices


Plant Taxonomy Theory,Principles & Parctices

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Plant Taxonomy is a mother science. It is taught at graduate and post-graduate levels worldwide in colleges and universities. The science engulfs information from all sources, whether old and recent. It hence needs updating. This book is so designed with significant features: (i) explains aims, principles and approaches in taxonomy, (ii) describes lucidly the units of classification, (iii) reviews all round development of systems of plant classifications including recent ones chronologically and conceptually, (iv) synthetic nature is critically achieved imbibing recent information from different disciplines of morphology and technology, (v) brings round rules of nomenclature, gardens and herbaria in modern context, (vii) provides exhaustive bibliography supporting the information dilated in the text, (viii) also provides indexes for taxonomic terms, Latin plant names and features of taxonomic significance, (ix) reveals journey of researches in plant taxonomy, (x) useful for learners, teachers and research workers in biodiversity study and taxonomy.

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