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Resource Conserving Techniques in Crop Production


Resource Conserving Techniques in Crop Production

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Recent researches on resource conserving techniques have provided exciting opportunities for improving input-use-efficiency, productivity and sustainability. These techniques include: zero tillage, minimum tillage, rotary tillage, bed planting, surface seeding, laser land leveling, pressurized irrigation systems, system of rice intensification, aerobic rice, soil solarization, residue management, site-specific nutrient management, crop diversification, precision farming emplo-ying use of modern tools and procedures etc. Adoption of these techniques is the need of the hour as a method of low-input agriculture to reduce costs and achieve sustainability in Indian agriculture. This book provides the most updated and comprehensive information on resource conserving techniques for improving crop productivity. The text is divided into 9 sections: (i) Concept and approaches, (ii) Cropping systems and diversification, (iii) Soil use and management, (iv) Improving nutrient use efficiency, (v) Water-saving techniques, (vi) Weed dynamics and herbicide use, (vii) Energy conservation and farm machinery, (viii) Modern tools and approaches, (ix) On-farm testing and evaluation. In each section, there are chapters on specific topics, contributed by eminent scientists, who made notable research contributions in their field of specialization. The chapters have been thoroughly edited and presented in an easily understandable manner.

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