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Sustainable Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management


Sustainable Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management

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The New Education Policy 2020 (NEP-2020) of India has proposed several changes in the present higher agriculture education system such as holistic multidisciplinary education while continuing focus on agriculture and developing professionals with the ability to understand and use local knowledge, traditional knowledge and emerging technologies, while being cognizant of critical issues of declining profitability and/or productivity but enhanced economic aspirations of farmers, climate change, food sufficiency, etc. The rainfed production systems in a watershed include i) crop and cropping systems; ii) diversified land use including agro-forestry, dryland horticulture including fruit trees on homestead, farmland, fisheries, etc, iii) livestock and animal husbandry including poultry, pisciculture (fishery), rabbit rearing, apiculture, etc, and iv) grazing ground and pasture including grazing practices, grazing/cut and carry systems, stall feeding, etc.

This book ‘Sustainable Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management’ covers the local knowledge, traditional knowledge and emerging technologies on rainfed agriculture, rainfed based farming systems, conservation agriculture, alternative land use systems for dryland areas, wasteland Development aspects and watershed planning and management from different countries that suite India and neighbouring countries. Horticulture, agroforestry, seed spices, medicinal and aromatic plants, animal husbandry fishery, livestock and beekeeping, etc., are integral component of rainfed farming systems. As this book covers the principles and practices of rainfed agriculture, rainfed based farming systems, agroforestry and watershed planning and management, it is suitable all agricultural universities in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, African counties, etc. This book will be a ready reckoner for under graduate students of Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry and Agricultural Engineering as well as to the extension officers and personnel interested in rainfed agriculture and watershed management. This book can be also used as a reference book for the M.Sc. (Ag) students in Agronomy. This book is valid for a minimum period of ten years.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Dry farming and Rainfed agriculture: an introduction

Chapter 2: Dryland types and their climatic classification. 

Chapter 3: Climate in rainfed agriculture

Chapter 4: Soils in dryland agriculture.

Chapter 5: Land and crop management practices in rainfed agriculture

Chapter 6: Drought types and their management.

Chapter 7: Climatic analysis for crop planning. 

Chapter 8: Plant ideotypes, choice of crops and varieties, crop substitution and

cropping systems in drylands.

Chapter 9: Contingent crop planning and midterm correction for aberrant

weather conditions. 

Chapter 10: Weed management practices in drylands. 

Chapter 11: Soil fertility management in drylands

Chapter 12: Soil and Water Conservation Measures.

Chapter 13: Water management in rainfed agriculture.

Chapter 14: Crop protection in dryland crops.

Chapter 15: Mechanization of Rainfed Agriculture. 

Chapter 16: Crop yield and productivity. 

Chapter 17: Conservation Agriculture. 

Chapter 18: Integrated farming systems for dryland areas. 

Chapter 19: Agroforestry.

Chapter 20: Alternate land use based farming systems in rainfed agriculture.

Chapter 21: Wasteland Development: Definition, Extent and Classification. 

Chapter 22: Watershed management . 

Chapter 23: Rain water harvesting on watershed basis .

Chapter 24: Sustainable Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management.


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