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Tree Mortality Assesment and Mitigation


Tree Mortality Assesment and Mitigation

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The present book deals with the forest heath in general and tree mortality in particular. It is a well–known fact that death of the trees is inevitable but when tree mortality interferes with poor health and productivity of the forest, then it certainly becomes a serious concern. Since the year 1990 each and every forest of the country was observed thoroughly and examined very closely for its health in general and productive capacity to cope with the climate change and carbon mitigation in particular. This will help in the management of disturbed and degraded forests. In this book the questions related to tree mortality are examined with particular reference to Sal and Shisham mortality along with broad–leaved conifers and tree species in captivity. Primary and secondary causes have been established and then their mitigating measures have been suggested. It is expected that the book will be useful for researchers, foresters and field foresters vis-a-vis Botany and Forestry students alike in their intent to study tree mortality.

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