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Citrus Crop Production and Management in NEH Region


Citrus Crop Production and Management in NEH Region

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The North-eastern region of India is the citrus depository of our country and is reported to be the centre of origin of many Citrus species. The genus Citrus L., the sole source of the citrus fruits of commerce, includes some of the most commercially important fruits. As many as 17 Citrus species, their 52 cultivars and 7 probable natural hybrids are reported to have originated in the North-eastern region of India. Northeast India falls under the “Indo-Burma Region” of hot spot of biodiversity, which is the richest and one of the most threatened places for plant life on the earth. Several Citrus species and their natural hybrids have been reported to originate and exist in this area. However, this vast indigenous Citrus diversity of India has not been used to its full potential for Citrus improvement programs. Sustainable in situ and on farm conservation is possible with active synergies with farmers, communities and national institutions. Role of farmers as active partners, conservator, promoter and custodian of local Citrus diversity are needed to be recognized.

In this book, several such interventions are given inform of various chapters which will be of immense use improving the productivity and profitability of North East Hill region citrus commodities through production and management of citrus. In this endeavour, useful information has been generated on genetic resources, diversity, conservation and utilization of citrus fruits; production and rejuvenation technology; biotic and abiotic stress – current scenario and management strategies; post-harvest management, value addition and marketing and farmer – FPOs – Scientist – Entrepreneurs of citrus crops at various research institutions and SAUs of the country. Earnest efforts have therefore, been made to compile information on diversity, conservation, utilization of citrus fruits; production and management technology; post-harvest management, value addition and marketing of citrus crops in a systematic manner, grouped in different chapters and presented in the form of a book entitled “Citrus Crop: Production and Management in NEH Region”. This publication contains excellent colored photographs depicting salient production and management of technology of citrus so as to update the knowledge of extension agencies and farmers. 

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