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Comprehensive Laboratory Manual of Life Science


Comprehensive Laboratory Manual of Life Science

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The present book Comprehensive Laboratory Manual of Life Science , deals with practical trends in modern biological sciences. It furnishes protocols on recent advances in biotechnological methods and aims to cover three most important aspects of this interdisciplinary stream; such as Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular biology. The book contains four sections: 1. Introduction: emphasizes on good laboratory practices and etiquettes for beginners; the do s and don ts of working in a laboratory, concepts and terminology, etc. 2. Instruments: Principle and Precautions: explores commonly used equipments employed in different experiments. 3. Experiments: is further divided into three parts: Microbiology with more than 70 experiments, Biochemistry with 62 and Molecular Biology having around 32 detailed protocols, accorded to make the readers proficient in the paramount disciplines of Bio Sciences and Biotechnology. 4. Appendix: at the end, a rather comprehensive section that concludes the book. This book is designed to meet the practical requirements of undergraduate and post graduate students of Life Science, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Biochemical Engineering by providing worked out solution to the most commonly practiced experiments prescribed by majority of Indian Universities. The latest technological developments in the book will be appealing to the researchers and scientists.

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