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Microplastic Pollution and Risks


Microplastic Pollution and Risks

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This book entitled “Microplastic Pollution and Risks: Toxicity, Ecosystems, Water, Food, Air, and Human Health” is an attempt to address important facts and figures related to threats and risks posed by microplastics pollution across different social, economic, and environmental sectors. The book has nine chapters: Chapter 1. Plastic pollution; Chapter 2. Chemistry, toxicity and ecotoxicity of chemicals released from and adsorbed on plastics; Chapter 3. Microplastic contamination of surface waters and drinking waters; Chapter 4.Microplastic contamination of soils and sediments; Chapter 5.Microplastic contamination of agricultural food; Chapter 6.Microplastic contamination of seafood; Chapter 7.Microplastic contamination in the air; Chapter 8.Microplastic contamination and human health; and Chapter 9. Microplastics pollution, climate change and sustainable development goals. The book has been structured as a combination of research, text, reference, and extension book and written in simple and plain English to benefit a wide range of both technical and non-technical readers worldwide. This book containing the latest, authentic, and evidence-based data and information would be beneficial to academic and research institutes, university research students, pollution chemists, polymer scientists, ecotoxicologists, oceanographers, environmental scientists, climate change professionals, water, fisheries, soil and agricultural scientists, economists, social scientists,  human health professionals, government planners, regulators, environmental campaigners and trade and business peoples.

Comments by distinguished global pollution scientists about the book

A comprehensive review of the environmental fates and the environmental risk of microplastics. Prof. Rudolf Wu, The Education University of Hong Kong.

A significant contribution towards tackling thiscritical global issue of microplastics. Dr. Rai Kookana, Chief Research Scientist, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia.

Contains a wealth of up-to-date scientific data and presents it in an easy-to-understand format. Dr. Kai Zhang, Macau Environmental Research Institute. 

A must-read text for all people interested in plastics and the environmental issues surrounding plastic pollution! Prof. Victor Wepener, North-West University, South Africa.

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